"My experience with acupuncture have been remarkable. I have been on anti depressants for over 15 years and have suffered from several side effects. Acupuncture sessions make me feel energetic and elevate my spirits greatly. I have never felt so good before. Infact, I had forgotten what the real me was . Thank you"

"Ahmad is a true healer....I was referred to Healthy and Body Soul by the Pain and Management Office at the VA Clinic in 2016. Ahmad is the acupuncturist who treats me for my pain. Ahmad is a true healer. Without his treatment I will not be able to function on a daily basis unless I had prescribed medication. I suffer with Fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, knee pain, back pain, anxiety and nightmares. Since acupuncture treatments my migraine headaches have subsided and my "body pain and anxiety" is definitely manageable on a daily basis without medication. United States Army Veteran"

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" Thank You! I come in barely able to walk and always leave feeling like I can take on the world!"

"If you're sincerely ready to remove smoking from your life, you've had enough, and you want help out of the mess, without unnatural drugging, you need to talk with Leena!"

"I was at a point that every step was a pain. After just 4 treatments, the pain was relieved and it has been 2 years since I have been absolutely pain free and play Basketball with 20 year old! I was a skeptic and now am a believer."

"Wonderful wonderful Dr one of the best treatments I have ever had. Helped hip pain I have been having. Also improved my digestion and chronic bladder pain issue. Had a wonderful felling of well being after. Dr Ahmad listened well and was very attentive to my multiple health issues. Even helping with my tooth pain and THJ issue. "

"My menstrual cramps are less painful thanks to acupuncture." Sara (suffered from painful Menstrual Cramp.) "My friend was telling me how much better she was feeling since she had been going to Leena for Acupuncture. She also said that Leena was giving her acupuncture for her appetite. She suggested that I might try this - I did, and have been coming for treatments since 6 weeks ago. I have lost 12 lbs, have more energy and sleep much better now. I believe it is all due to the treatments. I had reached a point in my life where I was willing to try 'anything' that would help my weight. (I had gained 20 lbs in the last year). I also have my husband and another friend coming for treatments!"


"I tried everything to relieve my pain. Pain medication didn't help, and I was in pain daily. Ahmad's acupuncture treatment is the only pain relief that has worked. It has completely changed my way of life."

The 1% Miracle Baby

"I had treatments for Infertility for 3 months with Leena and got pregnant right after the 3rd month. I had been diagnosed with hormone imbalances, high FSH levels and the doctors gave us less than 1% chance of getting pregnant! Well, thanks to Acupuncture and Leena's expertise, we have a baby girl who we call the 1% Miracle Baby"

Pain Relief

"Had never used acupuncture and went to try and alleviate back pain. After several visits,I noticed a definite improvement, which has lasted several months."

"I have been a patient of Leena Cook for only 4 weeks, and I have had a remarkable relief from my lower back and leg pain. It's amazing. I broke my ankle 2 1/2 years ago, and developed sciatica from limping. With the acupuncture and excercise she gave me, I have gotten so much relief. It's like I am a different person. I feel so much better and can sleep all night without tossing and turning with pain., and I am not limping anymore. THANKS LEENA. I have been to other doctors that said there was no reason for my pain, go figure. If you have this problem .... see Leena."

"My face had aged faster than the rest of me because of my work environment . I had acupuncture sessions for 6 months and followed the home care advice from Leena. Now I have a glow to my skin and I look 15 years younger!"

"Great session with Ahmad. I had immediate relief from the nightly tingling/burning sensation in my hand!"

"Wear baggy clothing. Very clean environment. Aside from feeling the slightest "zing" from the first insertion (kind of like anticipating receiving a shot at the doctor's office), no other insertions felt like anything more than gently touching a fingernail to your skin. The entire experience was very comfortable. Very knowledgeable."

"Had never used acupuncture and went to try and alleviate back pain. After several visits,I noticed a definite improvement, which has lasted several months."

"After a lifetime of suffering from sinus and allergy problems I decided to try acupuncture. I did a lot of research on acupuncturist in the Western North Carolina area and made an appointment with Leena based on her outstanding education and training. Leena exceeded my expectations, giving me more relief than any medication ever did. I became healthy enough to stop seeking treatments after a few months and was able enjoy an outstanding quality of life.</em> <em>A year later my husband I were thrilled to learn we were going to have a baby. As my due date approached my doctors decided to schedule me to be medically induced. Several of my friends had been through medical inductions and had very difficult labors with several of them resulting in C-Sections. I was very anxious to avoid this and remembered reading that acupuncture can be used to naturally induce labor. I immediately called Leena and set up an appointment. During the first session Leena examined me and was very honest in saying that I would need more than one appointment. She was exactly right. I had the initial appointment and then came back for a second appointment three days later. During the second appointment I began having contractions right there on the table. Leena was so caring and compassionate; she helped me with my breathing and timing the contractions. She calmly told me that I should be prepared to go to the hospital that day because it seemed like I was in the beginning stages of labor. She helped me off the table, made sure I had a safe way home and wished me all the best. Four hours later my husband and I checked into the hospital as I was in labor. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and the entire process was done naturally and I did not have to suffer through a medical induction. I can not say enough good things about my experience with Leena. Not only is she an outstanding acupuncturist who delivers amazing results, Leena also truly cares about the well being of her patients. I highly recommend Leena to anyone that is interested in acupuncture treatments as I believe Leena is the very best in her field"

"I have been a patient of Leena Sikand Cook since September 05. I sought Ms. Cook's help after having many tests over a one-month period for symptoms of extreme fatigue, severe pain in my lower abdomen, a greatly distended abdomen, nausea, poor digestion, irritability and an increase in psoriasis lesions. Several very reputable conventional doctors could find no basis for my symptoms, and kept telling me I was in good health! After treatment with Ms. Cook, all of my symptoms have remitted and my energy level is wonderful. In addition, for the last 2 months I have not needed to take Zoloft for Depression due to my longstanding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I am particularly impressed with this, as I am a mental health professional.

Leena Cook is clearly a gifted acupuncturist. She is also warm, caring, supportive person who listens well and does not rush to conclusions about my symptoms. She has been a real treasure in my life."

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